About Us

Friendship Foundation Nepal (FFN)

Established in 1991 by a group of enthusiastic young Nepalese people, since its foundation FFN’s goal has always been to introduce Nepal to the world by deepening international cooperation, and to help in the country’s development through volunteering work.

We’ve always held the belief that volunteering work is the best way to create a better understanding and friendship among world citizens.

FFN provides unique volunteering opportunities

Ranging from two weeks up to 10 months depending on the project, FFN has hosted more than 3000 volunteers from all over the world so far.
FFN’s goals are various:

  • To coordinate relief efforts and activities in disaster affected areas
  • To assist in the development and construction programs
  • To organise environmental-friendly activities ad minimise the consequences of natural disasters
  • To extend the concept of friendship and cooperation among Nepali youth
  • To discover and preserve cultural heritage sites and art
  • To organise Nepali culture related activities, to make Nepali culture known to the world.